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Overfiend is a 3D artist and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. With over two decades of experience working in design, animation and video production, he has developed a new passion for digital art where he explores aspects of the human condition in often surreal and confronting ways.

Deeply personal in its nature, Overfiend’s work features distortions and contortions of the human form in imaginary, hyperreal spaces. A distinct thread of grotesque, brutal and sometimes sexual imagery runs through his art but its unsettling nature deliberately masks a layer of humour and irony. In that respect, the visual conflicts that are central to Overfiend’s art reflect the artist’s own conflicted feelings about the challenges of modern life, which he is not afraid to express in bold, provocative and vulgar ways.

The work, then, is not subtle. But in an increasingly chaotic world that forces us to veer between rigid societal constraints and total mayhem, Overfiend’s work is intended as a kind of artistic howl into the void, a primal scream expressed in pixels, a yearning to be heard over the noise.
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